Domremy: The Home – Part 2

Interior of Joan’s home – main living area’s fireplace. [1910]
Interior of Joan’s home – bedroom shared by Joan and her sister, Catherine. Note the framed indentation located in the left wall – this is called a “press”. It is the medieval equivalent of our closets. [TF 1984]
Main living area – used as a museum. [1905]
This carving is over the main door to Joan’s home. It shows three coats of arms: King Louis XI (center), the Thiesselin family (left), and the de Lys family (right) with the date of 1481. It is believed that in 1481 King Louis paid the Thiesselin family to restore Joan’s home. The Thiesselins had married into the de Lys family. [1905]
Main living area and fireplace. [TF 1984]

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