Domremy: The Church – Part 1

[copyrighted VLF]
2) This photo shows the front yard of Joan’s home and the exterior of Saint Remy church. [1905]
3) Exterior of St. Remy church. [1905]

4) St. Remy church – photo taken from 1940’s postcard.

5) St. Remy church. [TF 1984]
6) The church of St. Remy’s baptismal font over which Joan was baptized. [TF 1984]
7) Baptismal font of St. Remy’s church. [TF 1984]
8) This photo shows the baptismal font and the Thiesselin brothers’ burial monument. [TF 1984]
9) Detail of the crude bas-relief burial monument depicting Joan’s grand-nephews Jacob and Didier Thiesselin. [1905]

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