Domremy: The Town – Part 1

This map shows the major structures in Domremy. [copyrighted VLF]
Historians believe the castle of Gombervau (near Vaucouleurs) is similar in structure and size to the fort used by the people of Domremy in times of danger.

This map shows how the loyalties of Domremy were divided. [copyrighted VLF]
Sheep grazing the fields near Domremy. [1910]
Domremy – winter. [1910]
This is a general view of the village Greux (foreground) Domremy (mid-ground) and the Basilica of Saint Joan of Arc at the Bois-Chenu. (background – the steeple of the basilica can be barely seen on the horizon – right of the picture.) [1905.]
The main road going through Greux to Domremy. [1905]
Looking across the river Meuse at Domremy. [1905]
Looking across the river Meuse at the village of Maxey. [1905]

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