Domremy: The Town – Part 2

This map shows the area around Domremy, from the Bermont shrine in the north to Bois Chenu to the south. [copyrighted VLF]
“Fountain of the Fevers.” (TF 1984)

Meuse valley near Domremy. [Marcia Noren 104]
Site of the “Fountain of the Fevers” near Bois-Chenu, where Joan occasionally heard her voices. [1905]
Plow horses working the land near Bois-Chenu. [1910]
Main street Domremy [TF 1984]

“Fountain of the Fevers.” (1910)
“Fountain of the Fevers.” (TF 1984)
Main street Domremy. [1905]
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